More About Elia Olive Oil and Other Products

George Parnavelas

Elia Olive Oil

Our organic extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil is sourced from producers in Aigion region of the Peloponnese. It is produced from a combination of two varieties of olive, the Koroneiki and Patrinos. It is extracted by cold pressing method and filtered method by precipitation. Our olive oil is distinguished for fine and fruity aromas, balanced flavours and low acidity of only 0.4%. 

Elia Honey

Our pure Greek honeys are sourced from beehives from the mountains of the Peloponnese. Our pine honey is is derived from honeydew, is less sweet but rich in minerals, proteins and amino acids. Our thyme honey has an aromatic flavour. It has antiseptic properties and stimulates physical strength. Both are produced naturally, without heat treatment.

Elia Olives

Our olives are sourced from olive groves in Chalkidiki known for the size and rich flavour of the fruit. They are hand-picked and processed with only natural ingredients to preserve their valuable nutrients and polyphenols. The green olives are harvested early and the black olives two weeks later. The green olives are cured in barrels of brine and the black olives in barrels of salt. 

Elia Oregano

Our wild oregano is hand-picked from Chalkidiki and dried naturally.

Elia Mountain Tea

Our wild mountain tea is hand-picked from Chalkidiki and dried naturally.